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Art therapy can be a valuable and rewarding way to express ourselves creativity, as well as look after our mental and physical health. The beauty of art therapy is that it is accessible to a wide range of people, no matter their age or skill.

So what is art therapy, where did it begin, and how can we use it today?


 In essence, art therapy is the practice of experimenting and playing through creativity, with the aim of working through difficult or uncomfortable feelings. It can lead to emotional breakthroughs, clarity of thought, and even a way we can overcome trauma.

 Whether it’s painting, sculpting, or using other materials, art therapy allows us to truly concentrate on the creative actions involved – freeing our mind of its stresses and other emotional burdens.

Art skills are not necessary for people to engage in therapeutic art therapy, and anyone can benefit from it. The fundamentals of art therapy are rooted in psychotherapy, and many leading art therapists want to go further by adopting a more analytical approach that leads to meaningful therapeutic breakthroughs for the participants involved.


What is Art Therapy? — With Seniors In Mind is written by Jane Rohde for

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