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Besides heightened accuracy in tracking and pinpointing people’s locations, today’s GPS tracking devices are also small enough to be placed on clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

With a GPS tracking device, you can easily monitor every move of your senior loved one who’s living with dementia on your phone or tablet.

The apps that work with these devices also typically send out updates about your senior’s whereabouts as well as alerts should he or she wander off.

Home Security & Alert Systems

When seniors decide to age in place, it’s normal for us to worry about their safety, especially when they’re doing it without a caregiver.

The risk of a home invasion is a typical concern, but it’s hardly the only one.

Most accidents happen at home. Your elderly loved one could slip and fall, and no one would be able to help them out quickly enough if they live alone.

Thankfully, there are several technological solutions to help keep your seniors safe and secure.

A reliable home security system with sensors and alarms that will keep intruders away would be a great start.

For the ability to call for help during emergencies, your elderly loved one can use a Personal Emergency Response System or PERS.

A PERS is made up of a small radio transmitter with a help button, and a console hooked up to the telephone. The battery-powered transmitter is typically lightweight and small enough to be worn around a user’s neck, wrist, or stashed in a pocket.

When seniors need help for any emergency, all they need to do is press the transmitter’s help button to send a signal to the console, which will then automatically dial pre-programmed emergency telephone numbers of an emergency response center, who will then send help.

Video Chat Apps

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