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Home at Last by Cheryl Barron

I was 18 months old when my brother was born.I had been born in Southern California,as was my older brother. Larry would start school in Ferndale,Ca and I a year later in Bridgeport,Conn. We lived the life of a tumbleweed. We were a Navy family. We went across country 4 times, by the 60s. I've set down roots only to have to yank them up again. Yet I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's sheer wonder to lay in the back of a station wagon and see the moon and stars so close you feel like you could touch them.
There is a place on I-40. Maybe a small strip mall, or tourist place up some rocks. It's got horse statues like sentinals. The only thing I could see from the road was a sign "Storyteller."I wanted so badly to hear a story from a bonafide storyteller. But Dad couldn't stop. He had to "make time". Years later my husband wouldn't stop either. Maybe someday. 
We stopped traveling when I was 12. I would later move out of home and state. There have been more moves. But I'm home at last. We bought our own home. At last all my boxes are unpacked.

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