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Last time we discussed how the pandemic kept us in front of screens, watching movies…and how that was good for us to have “Cinema Therapy.” And we asked what movies or types of movies are the ones worth seeing over and over again…as if you were on a desert island.

“Highly recommend The Maiden Heist. So sweet and funny! I keep thinking about it.”


Among the respondents, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) got a lot of love, claiming fans like Marilu, Gail and Bella, who said “I don’t know what I’d do without TCM.  There’s nothing like the classics (film noir). There are some that I’ll watch again and again..”

Reader Gary T. sounds like he doesn’t need TCM, though.  With a collection of almost 3500 DIY DVD-R’s, he says “Let’s movie!”

“I would bring romcoms and rom-dramas that lighten my world: Charade; Two for the Road…”

-Melissa L. 

Marilu hearkens back to the Golden Age of Television, “Like Playhouse 90,” and longs for a Nostalgia Channel to watch Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock episodes.  She might try MeTV (link is here) and type in her zip code to find a local station to watch Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and many other shows from the Golden Age.

“… thank you for mentioning (Babette’ Feast). I adored that film, and watched it with my younger sister while eating a feast we prepared…”

-Debra M.

We’ll leave this movie thread up for a while and see what other top picks come up.  We might revisit the topic of movies again, so keep checking back…and share your faves as well.

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