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Life’s Road by Elissa Jung

I have done my fair share of environmental traveling, also a bit on the computer and books but nothing in comparison to life altering movements. As I traveled down life’s road AN OPENED DOOR APPEARS TO MY LEFT. Being a curious creature I look beyond the threshold and if I find it interesting I enter, leaving behind the well- traveled road for what I don’t know. In the course of 89 years there have been many doors WITH ROADS THAT TRAVELED IN SO MANY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. Having lunch with a group of highest paid “Call Girls.” Then to PA to furnish the bishop’s suite in a monastery. Being a special education advocate and the next road with my fuel oil co. I never knew what tomorrow would bring. Risky probably, but fantastic. So many new things to learn, so many wonderful people to meet and friends to make. If by chance, someone out there thinks they see an open door to the right or left of them take a chance and enter. It might be the best road you will ever travel.

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