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Finding Family by Dorothy Cohen

I had a wonderful experience this year. To start with, I’ve had a first cousin, 11 years older than myself, who I have never met. She left home at 18, and married at 20, leaving NYS, where both of us had lived. When I finally located her last address, I discovered that she had died. I knew nothing about her life.

This year, my niece took one of those saliva tests to find out about her ancestry. As a result, she heard from a man in California, who said that he believed that he was related to her. Well, that man turned out to be my cousin’s oldest child- the oldest of 5. His name is Art, and he and I have become fast e-mail friends. We have exchanged dozens of photos, as well as info. We’ve learned so much about our backgrounds- going back to great grandparents. The photos that I have received are treasures for me, and he feels the same. I am so glad that both of us saved those pictures. I am 84, and trying to empty my house. Art is 74. I have no children. I feel that I have found family. Something I need at this time.

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