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No Talent Needed by Joyce Cohen

Glad you raised this topic, Thelma. I’ve always been an admirer of handiwork and creativity of others but used “I’m too busy” excuse. to try that on my own. Along came Covid…one icy winter evening I dragged out boxes of old pictures and divided them into categories: family, friends, school pals, camp friends, college, work colleagues, projects, networks, etc., 

Now the craft project started..,personalized collages from old photos… I found or cut a shape that fit a personality such as canoe paddle for a boating friend, sailboat, heart for someone who is all heart, sunshine, vegetable for a vegan, house outline for a family, you get the point. I used their fav color as card stock background and cut pictures from those I gathered into smaller shapes that would be meaningful to that person or family and glued them to the card stock backing creating a personal collage…all sizes. Some are framed, others tucked into a card. 

Its a personalized way to say “thinking of you.” For her birthday, I will create a reminiscence piece for my sister using personal items, pics, and mount them on colored cardstock attached to the old wooden sheet music holder from our family piano. No talent needed here; it’s the thought that counts.

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